May 15, 2008

Payback's a bitch

So I'm in McDoodles this morning getting my coffee and theres this old lady and old guy in line before me shooting the breeze. The lady orders her "Senior Coffee" then the McGirl takes the guy's order, "senior coffee" and 2 mcgriddles. Then she starts to take my order and the old lady starts bitching about how she has somewhere to be and should be making her coffee instead of taking everyones order. I'd be pissed too but I wouldnt be all pissy and act like the world owes you one because your old. Shit happens.. well finally she gets her coffee and proceeds to stand around talking to the old dude for like 2 minutes while he gets his stuff.

Now, as I'm getting my coffee and mcmuffin the old lady throws two wadded up one dollar bills onto the counter where you pick up your stuff, and despite there being a line now that goes to the door, she says "oh and give me four apple pies" then under her breath like old people do when they talk to themselves "...I forgot to get my pies"

Uh lady, you had your chance.. the McGirl says in broken english something to the effect of "I cant theres a line now" and gestures towards it as if to say... Look lady, I'm sorry I lagged on your coffee but you were a bitch about it. It's not my fault you forgot to order your pies.. now shut up and get in line!

ugh! people.

sorry about the stock photo, I really need to be taking more real pictures of this shit.

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