May 2, 2008

Photo Friday Time!

Lost, another big WTF episode. other than that, here's some photos.

i wish i had zoom. it said "NINJA GEAR" in the window. rad!

this is by far the scariest Ron I've ever seen

speaking of scary, anyone ever been to this place? I've written about it before. It showed up in an ad on the back of a magazine we got in the mail here at work. creepers.

nothing worse than a case of the...

well, maybe a case of...

Casty McGnar
we got to see some critical massive bike action on the way to the game, made us miss the first inning.. and we didnt get Playstation Giants Caps. They handed the last one out literally to the person in front of us. "sorry that was the last box in the whole park"

Frank gave me his tho. thanks Frank! (and Sara) (and God)

made from real tigers!

actually, I was curious so I read the ingredients, and it is, in fact made from real bananas. With some other spices. Nothing to indicate why it would be red tho, other than Red #41. why they would make it look like ketchup I have no idea.

Have a great weekend.. ponder this for me.
Odd Ways To Die

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