May 16, 2008

Fwiday Fowtow Blag

Hey nutter butters. It's Friday. Theres a beam of sunlight blasting right down on my mouse making my cast hand hot.. making it sweat and permeating the stink
I hate this thing. It smells like a million dirty feet now.
I got a week point five to go with this thing. Its like having a 3rd world country of leppers rotting inside my arm

oh and i played drums yesterday! gimp style. we wrote a song. I was holding the stick bewteen my index and middle fingers.. and i got a wicked blister that is all open an raw. and i cant wash it, its gonna be rad!

Look at photos.

I hate Jose Tequila.

Meg and I made this headboard from scratch!

cream? ok. sugar? fine. sweetener? yea sometimes, other...what the fuck else do you put in coffee?
they hooked it up with the peppers and lime. just that once tho. :(
for mentally challenged felines


come here often? oh yea your cardboard.

a co-worker brought this back from NZ for me. I dont drink beer so I never really had to appreciate a good bottle opener. I've been getting Jarritos with my burritos so I use my handy-dandy Kiwi bottle opener. And it sucks. This has got to be the worst bottle opener ever.

Alright thats all there is. Put a hose in your ass, take hella laxatives and then stick the other end of the hose down your throat.

have a lame weekend!


jimbizzle said...

That's a pretty nice home made headboard. You have the most girly bed set ever though.

I'd be careful... Just sleeping in that might turn you gay.

Anonymous said...

HA! I was thinking the same thing.

Kirk said...

thanks guys.