May 9, 2008

Engineering Fundamentals

Hey, sorry for the crappy photo blog this week. On tuesday i will have officially had my cast on for 4 weeks. It stinks like Captain Lou Albaino's jock strap after a Wrestle Mainia match with Hulk Hogan.

here's some pictures.
this was just kind of creepy.

"SNACK"? seriously? IKEA is supposed to be Swedish, but I swear sometimes I think they just make shit up. I have a really hard time believing that "snack" is Swedish for anything related to a storage container.

This is a skate wheel graphic I did. Got this in the mail the other day. Killer packaging!

Another warning label that had to be made because some dumb ass put their hand in a meat grinder. I still think we just need signs all over the place that say "Dont be stupid" with a general legal disclaimer in smaller print. Or make a "we are not responsible for you not paying attention and being a dumb ass" amendment in the constitution or something. You shouldnt be able to sue for spilling coffee on yourself. "But your honor, there wasn't a warning label saying dont put your hands in the meat grinder"

That's right, Keep War Classy indeed!
PS: McDonalds is One and 2 soy protein/snout burgers percent beef.

ok theres your pictures. now sing along with me..

"if youre happy and you know it throw a ninja star at someones face..."
wait, I think I screwed up the words..

whatever. I hope your weekend is worse than mine!

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