May 6, 2008

The Devil is Evil

So I guess I'm behind a few months on this news, but really, who pays attention to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays besides dumb assfucked Floridians. No offense Florida but you did kind of fuck up the 2000 election. Well, the good God fearing lot in Tampa Bay thought that having a baseball team called the Devil Rays was a bit too evil and dropped the "devil" from the name and now they're just "The Rays"

Hey Ray! All I can think of is a guy named Ray. My grandpa was Ray. There's this dive bar downtown Martinez called Rays Lounge.

Here's some Ray's you might recognize:

But I digress, my first thoughts were that they didn't want to confuse people since the Sting Ray is a little more commonly known and a Devil Ray just seems like a made up evil fish. But no.. apparently its better than that.
"The new logo shows a bright yellow burst, evoking the bright sunshine of Florida and the promise their new direction is taking. And while the team hasn't completely backed away from the "Devil Ray," the Rays seem to now evoke the Sunshine State as opposed to a feared cartilaginous fish." more

so, they went from being a satanic fish... to the Cute Little Rays of Sunshine. lol that is, pardon the expression, pretty fucking GAY! way to go Tampa Bay.

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