May 28, 2008

Breaking The Law

Oh yea so a little FYI, its illegal to put a for sale sign in your car in Martinez (and many other cities that i've discovered after looking it up on the web)

Were trying to sell this damn car so we threw some for sale signs in the window. we come home and theres a parking ticket on it. The ticket says "advertise or display for sale on s.." and its cut off. I assume it means street. WTF? so we looked up the citation number, which doesnt exist on the internet. We called the police and in order to know that this is illegal we have to go to the police station and sit and flip through "the book" they have that lists the Martinez Municipal Codes. thanks alot you mother fuckers. Cant you hook your city up with a PDF file? Or at least a printed copy we can pick up for our personal reference?

How many laws are there that no one has any way of knowing about can they just bust out on you whenever?

my pre-law girlfriend is thinking about taking it to court. give em hell megs!


jimbizzle said...

How much was the ticket for?

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