May 9, 2008

Crazy Hello Kittly Lady part 3

As most of you know there's this lady that works here who;
  • is obsessed with hello kitty.
  • decorates her cube in all pink.
  • and is just plain nuts.
I just witnessed her being crazy again.

She was just using a dust buster to clean 3 hole punch confetti from the entire hallway.. one dot at a time.




talking to herself "ah youre following me" VROOM gotcha..

The other day I walked passed her and went to nod as to say hi and she was staring blank eyed straight ahead of her. Her head was shaking side-to-side like Micheal J Fox or something. I dont think she has the Parks' but it looked like she was downloading orders from the mothership or something.

Maybe she isnt crazy but really an Alien. I'm gonna have to get a pair of Hoffman Lenses like in that movie They Live.

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Crazy Hello Kitty Lady

1 comment:

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I know it's probably not cool, but can you post a pic of this lady? Unless you did already and I missed it. I saw the pics of her cube.