May 23, 2008

Hands Free

So, here in the good ol state of California they passed a law that allows cops to pull over and ticket people driving while yapping on their cell phone. The exception is that you can use a "hands free" device such as a head set. This law goes into effect July 1st of this year. That is just around the corner.. and "Blue Tooths" are flying off the shelves like fish in a barrel. By Blue Tooths, I mean wireless head sets that use Bluetooth Wireless functionality to connect to your cell phone. It annoys me that people think headsets are called "Blue Tooths". Partly because dumb people are annoying, and because wireless companies cripple their phones so bad that the only thing they allow BT for is to connect a wireless headset which in turn perpetuates the idea that headsets are called "blue tooths".

At least they'll be used for driving and not for looking like a space-tard while standing in line at starbucks. Good thing you got both hands free there Chet! you might need them to, I dunno, pick your nose or lean against the sugar counter.

You look like a tool, and your wife hates you. You're not gonna get any calls that are THAT important. Eat your fucking salad.

Most people still dont have a hands free device (because if you're not a moron, there is no real use for one) and will surely be rushing to their local electronics store (Best Buy) on June 3oth, to get one. And I predict that there will be more accidents that week with people trying to operate their new "hands free" device.

People will be taking their free hands off the steering wheel to push buttons and fumble with the blue tooth settings and readjust the little earpieces that feel like they are going to fall out. People will be taking their eyes off the road to check if, in fact the wireless headset is on or not.

And if its not wireless.. and this is my favorite of all time, people will be using their "free hand" to hold the microphone to their mouth.

Maybe I'm exaggerating. Maybe not, but this law is stupid. unfortunately, since people are stupid, its necessary.

Can you hear me now?

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dstn pyn said...

im a tool because my work makes me a tool.