May 24, 2008

False Alarm (The Gauntlet Part II)

Yesterday I wrote this to the kirknoggins google group.

hey noggies. The doctor called and said they had to reschedule my appt. For a week AFTER my scheduled appt for next tuesday. I said hell no and asked if they had anything sooner. They said the only time would be today...i said HELL YEA so here i am typing this on my phone (i'd blog it but i forgot how to mobile blog..verizon blocks blogger and google mobile) in the waiting room....score! I might get to enjoy this 3 day 'kend without out sntinky funk gnar on my arm!

Well, it was kind of wishful thinking. There is good news and bad news tho.

The good news; They sawed that smelly piece of shit off my arm!

When they first brought me in, they took x-rays of my wrist with my old cast on. Then I waited. What would a trip to the doctor be without waiting. Whats rad tho is that the place I get the X-rays is in the next room, not a 10 minute drive away like my regular doctor. The X-rays are unclear because of the cast but the doc says he's not sure its healing right. He then says we need to take off the cast to get clearer xrays. THANK GOD. those are the words i'd been waiting for. At that point all I gave a shit about was getting that stinking mass of rotting cast off my arm.

So I get my cast off. I had planned to film it but in all the excitement i forgot. I guess that doesnt even matter. My skin was all gnar and peeling.

smelled like hell too

So while I'm waiting for the xray room to be available my doctor starts talking about what happens when this tiny wrist bone doesnt heal right. He talked about screws and surgery and generally freaked me out. But the consolation was that while he was telling me this I could see bare skin where the gauntlet was for the last month.

Finally I get X-ray'd again and the doc tells me that depending on what the X-rays show I might end up having a new cast. I said "just as long as you let me wash my arm" he laughed, and showed me the sink. "take your time" he says. and I did, let me tell you. the only thing missing was a loufa to exfoliate the layers of dead rotting skin.

The bad news; The new X-Rays come back and he says the healing looks good. so bada bing bada boom, here I am with another orange bastard of a cast on my wrist.

2 more weeks. no swimming at the lake after all.


Anonymous said...

At least it doesn't smell....

That sucks dude. I'm sorry!

jimbizzle said...

Did you keep the old cast? I bet Dustin would have smelled it.

Unknown said...

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