May 5, 2008

Cinco De Mayo Flashback Episode

Just because you tacked 10 mins of the Keaton or Seaver family huddled around a photo album doesnt make it a "new episode"

anyway, I'm not gonna pretend this is a new post, just a collection of old posts that have something to do with Mexico or Mexicans... In honor of Cinco De Mayo.

WTF is Mandarina

Salsa Thank You

Chile Jalepeno's The Saga Continues

I'm Back (from Mexico)

I'm Back (part 2)

Broken English

Pretty Fucking Good Hot Sauce

Ghetto Jack In The Box Adventures part III

and this again, since its another fake holiday perpetuated by American commercialism.
Commercialized Holiday Rant

I'm sure theres more. if youre curious say about part 1 and 2 of the Jack In the Box adventures.. use the search thingy. it works pretty bueno.


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