May 7, 2008

12 Angry Men Part 2

My buddy just txted me from jury duty. It read "day 2, i get paid $15 !" It gave me an idea. They should make the homeless professional jurors. They would be paid 15 bucks a day, lunch, and all they gotta do is sit there and shut up. and make a descision. That would be interesting deliberation process. War vets, and schizos, locked in a room with a choice to make. If not for real, they could at least make a movie about it..

12 Angry Men II, The Homeless Jury. Starring Charlie Manson as The Foreman...

Foreman: "Ya see, he cant be giltee, there aint 'nuff ev'dence fer it.. and did you see the defense? they got the devil eyes beamin' you cant trust no devils.. all of em, demons i tell ya, waitin to overthrow the powers that govern the system, ... they got dogs runnin loose out there and they're hungry, paintin the town with blood... god's sleepin' now and them dogs are barkin' .. I know who the Son of Sam is........"

Judge: "WTF?"

Do you think he could sit still through cross examinations and shit? I can just see him sitting there twitching.. and staring knives into everyone's eyes.

When Hollywood is finished stealing scripts from comic books and Japanese horror movies, they can make this movie for me.

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jimbizzle said...

I got the same text from Dustin. I think the pay is base on your actual employment salary. I think retired people should have to do it too. Add them to the list with the homeless people.