May 8, 2008

I don't want that.

So I went to the Public Market again. I usually get Wazwan Indian but I had that yesterday. After walking around the whole place I remembered that everything there besides Wazwan pretty much sucks. With the exception of the Vietnamese place with the Orange Chicken. I was feeling adventurous so I got the Spicy Pork with veggies. After almost breaking a tooth I found out the hard way that Spicy Pork is actually little riblets which have the bone still in them. Each little piece was like 60% bone. Owch. That's something useful to know. Something they should probably put on their little signs.

you serve no pork? FUCK YOU!!

I swear man, If places like that are going to use photos as their menu they should try to make the food they sell look a little more appetizing. I don't know what they think when they throw some of the actual crap they cook onto a paper plate, snap a low resolution digital photo of it. Then stick the home-laminated, blurry, ink jet print-out up over a steamer vent or the fryer so it gets all moist and greasy, and the ink runs all over. You end up with people looking up at the menu thinking "Lets see, do I want slimy brown mush with rice or slimy yellow mush with rice?"

It says a lot for retouching and lighting doesn't it? I mean spend a little time, put forth the effort, its your business. The food never looks like the picture, but who ever complains? I think in some subconscious way we think that since it looked that good once, it might actually taste as like it does in the picture.

Emeryville Public Market

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