Jan 11, 2006

10 things that pisssed me off in 2005

here it is. My list of 10 things that pisssed me off in 2005.
in no particular order.

10. "W' 04" or George Bush election stickers.
if you still support this fucker you need a lobotomy. take that shit off your car already.

9. People talking to themselves on cellphone headsets.
not only do you seem crazy taking into thin air, you look like an idioit with that mission command headset on your face.

8. iPods.
oh god fucking iPods. everyone and thier mother has those fucking white headphones coming out of their ears now. listening to books on tape podcasts no doubt.

This is a new one but since i'm on Blogger all the fucking time now.
7. People that dont change the "Edit Me" links in the sidebar.
there's even 2 of them, and they say "EDIT ME" so fucking edit them.

6. Plastic Sugery.
Its not a new gripe but lately the chicks that got nosejobs and shit back in the 80's are turning into old ladies. and it's pretty gross.

5. Emo Kids.
thats all i'm gonna say.

4. Myspace.
it was rad there for a second but quickly became stupid. it has potential, but like with everything gets ruined by fucktards.

3. Seeing Hurricane and Tsunami coverage 24-7.
yea, it happened. yea, it sucks. but meanwhile republicans are breaking the law. Dont shut down "the NEWS" because of one crisis. The Weather, making journalists jobs easy since the begining of time.

2. FM Radio.
I've always sort of had a gripe with it but in the past I could find moderatly listenable music on it. since i discovered Progressive Talk AM Radio, and the fact that I get zero FM stations in the valley of shit i live in, I've stopped listening to FM pretty much full time.
Also everything on FM is premanufactured product for the masses.

1. Re-Runs
In '05 my dad got me hooked on this TV show LOST. I've become obsessed with it. I've never been into a prime time drama before since Night Rider as a kid. Now I religiously watch and keep track of goings ons on the LOST message board. I'm a total nerd for it. but the downside is that for some reason the fine folks at ABC decided that they will show 3 episodes then 2 reruns then 2 episodes then a rerun then 4 episodes then more reruns. To get an idea of what i've been going through, tonite is the first new episode in like a month.

ok that's it. the chick at Starbucks who reminds me of a female version of American Idol's Randy Jackson told me the slogan for the new year.
its "no tricks in '06"

thanks starbucks lady. No tricks in '06!


Dee S. Nutts said...

Nicely done; the only thing I might change for my list would be to make "iPods" read "Apple in general". They used to be so money, but now they just piss me of more and more frequently.

Greg said...

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The Pierre said...

That was great. I loved that list.