Jan 24, 2006

Mine's SUPPOSTA have onions!

I just went to get some food and while I was waiting in line, these Two large Black Ladies were hella arguing with the Spanish speaking Jack N The Box workers. it was awesome!
"where's mah extra tomatoes?! "
"yea, Mine's supposta have onions!"
"hey. donchoo got the regular kinda tomatoes like? "

then the manager came and tried to help them but they were still mad at the guy who gave them thier order. and the one lady said "is he in trainin' or somthin' ? "

then i think the workers were talking shit to her in spanish. doesnt "chinga" mean fuck?
-all of this compounded by the 2" thick ghetto glass divider between them. So they both had to yell through the little hole in the 2" thick ghetto glass. their asses were all crammed together as they fought for access to the little hole.

all i wanted was lunch, and i got a show for free!

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RRWalker said...

look at my dec archive at inanityscout.blogspot.com
alabama should fall into the ocean. arggggghhhhh bacon