Jan 11, 2006

Irish Pig Farmer

The only thing that sucks really about being at work this early is that i have to answer the phone. Just now i got a call from some pig farmer in Ireland. I'm not lying.
Since its so early, i get all the wierd international calls from people that dont know its 7:00 in the morning here. I get the people with outrageous accents that can barely speak english all pissed off because (A: i cant understand them and (B: that no one ever returns thier calls.
i tell them, "a sales person will be in the office in the next hour to return your call" then in a retarded india-spani-euro accent this now irate forienger is saying... "but it will be 2 am here"
what i want to say is "then change your sleeping habits, dont you know america controls the world. dumbass" but i end up just transfering them to the sales dept. voicemail. which probably pisses them off even more.

Also, we sell chemicals for a company in Tennesee so sometimes i'll get a hick-ass trucker on the phone somewhere with a delivery for said chemical company asking where we are. I ask him where he is and he starts talking about highways and towns i've never heard of. meanwhile i'm thinking " dude were in California, where the fuck are you?"

so yea i hate answering the phone.

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