Jan 15, 2006

Phone Noggins 2

Bitch ass Verizon! They sell you these phones with rad features, then disable said rad features and force you to buy more shit from them . this phone just got is an MP3 phone. it has the play/FF/RW buttons on the front, nice stereo speakers, SD card slot and everything. but the whore bitch motherfuckers make it next to impossible to put on, manage and listen to songs on there. theres ways to do it i guess but it involves cables and hacker software and shit i dont fully understand. one i got is version 4 software which lets you hack into the mp3 features but now they are up to version 7 and if you get it updated to the new version (its free) they totally shut off the mp3 capability and FORCE you to get your songs and shit through them. its doubly retarded if you want to put your own ringers on it too. another selling point that thier lying commision salespeople tell you is that its a bluetooth phone but they managed to fuck that up too. I dont really give a shit since i dont do the bluetooth but appearantly they are limiting it only to headsets.

the shitest part of it is that this phone is fully capable to do everything you want it but the greedy bastards suck the life out of these products in order to make you buy ringtones, video, and mp3s from them. GET-IT-NOW up your ass.


The Pierre said...
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The Pierre said...

I feel the same way..
I have a picture phone, but I can't just DOWNLOAD the pictures... NOOOOOO
I have to spend an EXTRA five dollars a month to EMAIL my own damn pictures to myself.

Kirk said...

i used to be able to email ringtones i DLed off the web for free and then set them to be ringtones in the phone. but verizon has nipped that one in the bud too. bastards!

Dee S. Nutts said...

Yeah, that's why Verizon has specially made phones from Motorola, etc. - like my V710. V for vee-tarded.