Jan 7, 2006

Dear Starbucks Girl.

Dear Starbucks Girl,
I didnt know it was your 2nd day on the job. And I most definatly didnt mean to make you cry. When I ordered my Grande, Soy Cinnimon-Dolce Misto your, obvioulsy more experienced co-worker seemed like she knew what I was ordering and was very excited to take my order. When my friend's Venti Latte came up a Grande, I just took it as a simple size mistake. But later we realised it tasted like watered down milk with flavoring in it. And then after his Venti came up and we figured out that it was my drink you fucked up by making it a Latte instead of a Misto, again, simple misunderstanding. But it turned out that you didnt even know what a Misto was and when i explained it to you. You took it the wrong way and in the midst of your frustration and confusion, you then made my Grande Misto a Tall. Now, me and my two friends are joking that we got all our orders messed up, you take it as being directed at you and you get even more upset. You lower lip starts to quiver, your eyes begin to water and you throw the towel down and give up. Your more knowledgable coworker moves in to save your ass. "She's new" she says repeatedly as she remakes my drink for the 4th time. I understand, your new, no need to cry over it.

I take my drink and go to tables outside with my friends. Laughing off the situation. But when you go outside for your break you make sure to carefully not make eye contact with any of us. Seriously get over it. Learn how to make a fucking Misto.

cry baby.



Anonymous said...

You made someone cry?? I knew your crazy Starbucks ordering would break someone one day... :) (where the heck were ya on Friday?, we were supposed to make the donut breakfast sandwich!)

jimbizzle said...

GOSH! your such a dirty bag. give a girl a break.

That's kinda funny though.