Jan 13, 2006

Flashlights are bombs now.

So like, you may have heard about the bomb found in a starbucks bathroom this week in San Fran. well, cops are morons and we now know the threatening device they detonated was a flashlight with corroded batteries a bum found and accidently dropped in the bathroom.

"he found the flashlight in the street and accidentally dropped it in the bathroom.

"I love that Starbucks," Schouten said in an interview with the station. "The people are saints. They know I'm homeless. They let me drink coffee for 50 cents. I love those people."

The station reported that the flashlight was filled with corroded batteries. "

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everyone is so on edge about terrorists. dude, just so you know, they are winning.
score after this stupid fake bomb thing that had nothing to do with terrorists.

Terrorists 1
America 0

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