Jan 3, 2006

unpainted huffhines

Well, shit. I'm home, back to regular life again. back to my freezing office, my AIM buddies and the grey cement wall that is my window view. My trip to Scottsdale was pretty vanilla shake. We sat inside all weekend watching football. God, i hate football. I wont go into that. speaking of football i never got to see my cousin or his wifes fake boobs.

Scottsdale is in the desert. and the dont try to hide the fact. Its brown, the whole damn town is brown. The houseing development where my GF's dad lives is all brown, rocks and cactus. he said they're trying to preserve the natural landscape of the region. which i respect and all, but the natural landscape is hostile desert wasteland. They even prohibit lawns. So everyones yard is rocks, catus and thirsty looking desert plants. I'm sure they even imported the cool sujarro cacti from somewhere else. There was this tease of seeing "Javelinas" in thier neghborhood. Javelinas are like wild pig things that come out at night. probably like racoons or possum are here. its like a ride at disneyland tho. "DESERT STRIP MALL ADVENTURE" Scottsdale is brown desert houses and strip malls. Its like the lego desert town playset. its all fake and plastic and everything looks premanufactured. ok enough about scottsdale, here's some pics i took on my trip.I suck at photojournalism so deal with it.

this one is the engine. you cant tell in the pics but it was raining like hell and the shit was going sideways. a little side note about the rain. it was starting to storm in the Bay Area when we left. Saturday morning we called home and i guess the shit hit the fan. our street was a river. all the creeks overflowed and shit. All of downtown 'Tinez looked like Venice i guess. there was some damage but it wasnt bad. The Mervyn's roof collapsed to i guess. You probably heard about Sac and Napa on the national news. weather excitment in Cali and my bored ass was in the desert.
this one is my feet, wonderful coach seating. actually i think they added more room on some planes, this was more roomy than my flight home.

this is how i entertain myself while flying. draw, nuts, dietcoke. yay. my pen leaked on the way home. i pulled it out of my bag and the lid was full of ink. i have one fingernail that looks goth now. he's too cool for my hand now. note the newly leatherized southwest coach seats. and the empty seat next to me. The flight to AZ was hella empty so it was way chill, but the flight home was super packed and there was this 16 year old girl hella scared to fly. she was nervously popping starbucks mints like a vicodin addict.

here's me on the plane. fun with shutter settings.

hey look Phoenix! were here!

this is the only pic i got of the brownness. i forgot i had my camera there, until the last day. I didnt get the idea of chronicling the trip till it was too late. i suck. fuck me.

the big highlight of saturday was going to one of the KOHL'S department stores to spend the gift certificates we got. I say "one of" because of course, Scottsdale has two. they have 2 walmarts too. rad for them. After I combed through every square inch of mens, toys, and housewares deptartments, i went outside to wait for the rest of the gang. I started fucking with my camera again.

here's the view of the camelback mountains from the KOHL'S parking lot.
driving back from the Stripmall. this one came out pretty cool.
oh yea, saturday night we went to Five Points Brewery & Grill which wasnt actually a brewery, just a sports bar. appearantly Five points has a microbrewery somewhere in the area and chain out the bar & grills. I hate sports and bars and this place had 100 big screens with the same 2 football games on them. ugh. I also cant eat cheese anymore so i was extra fucked when the only menu item that didnt have cheese or beer in it was the Soda. here's a pic of my GF sampling one of the "beer sampler" samples. i dont think she liked that one.

new years was spent watching "You've Got Mail" and flipping to the coverage of the raging party going on in Tempe during the commercials. jab the knife in deeper would you. the next day was the ultimate treat. we went to Sun City, which i found out upon arrival was a prison for old people. Here's a pic of the fortress walls.

they also let them liscence and drive golf carts on the street. those fuckers are everywhere.

Gradma is still blind, and grandpa is still an self-righteous fucker. notable quotes from grandpa; "nobody sit in this chair, this is MY chair" "have some tortilla chips, they're unsalted" "did you get some nuts" crap im sure there were more. on 2 occasions in 2 different households he insisted on staying in "his chair" and watched "the game" while everyone sat at the table for the meal dejour. I also got to help him move furniture across the house.

on the way to the airport from the old milwaukee prison we drove by the Gigantor-Domeasaurus. the new stadium for the Arizona Cardinals. It gets so hot in that shithole that they wanted a dome. but they also wanted grass. so to solve this they made a retractable field. the whole grass field moves out of the the staduim into the parking lot to get sun. then when they're "ready for some foootbaaaall" they move the grass back in and rock out. This also works out nicely for Moster Truck rallies and Super Cross events that wouls usually fuck up a nice grass field. Domasaurus. my GF said it looks inflatable.
ok that's it. also if anyone knows the reference in the title of this post, you get a gold star!

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