Jan 23, 2006

Daytime TV

Theres something odd about daytime TV that makes you feel shitty. i think its intention is to make you want to get a life. Every commercial is Nurse schools, mechanic schools, art schools, Injury Lawers and Rascal Scooters. I guess its because everyone at home is unemployed due to not getting an education. or because of an injury, or because they are old.

What always pissed me off was the daytime programming. there is a % of legit people at home during the day, working from home or raising kids or whatever, and just because they're at home doesnt mean they want to watch soaps, talk shows or The Price Is Right. Why cant they show the primetime line up from the night before?

When i was home all day, i got hooked on CSPAN, Cooking Channel and Cartoons. Farily Odd Parents was pretty good.

I finally had to get a job.

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Dee S. Nutts said...

Wait, who doesn't want to watch the Price is Right?