Jan 8, 2006

Le Massacre De Tronçonneuse Du Texas

After seeing the commercial for that new slice-em-up movie "Hostel" where they say people died from watching it or some lame hype shit, a friend suggested this French movie "High Tension". so i Netflixed it and we played it tonite on the ol' DVD. The back of the sleeve read.
Students Marie (Cecile de France) and Alex have no idea of the horrors that await them when they head off to a remote country home to study for their upcoming exams. When night falls, a psychopathic stranger attacks, tying up Alex and taking her away. It's up to Marie to save her friend -- but first, she must figure out what is really going on. ... co-stars in this twisty-turny tale of terror.

if i see another "students go into rural area and get cut up by some psycho, family, mutant, imbreds etc" i will fucking shoot someone. How many movies can get away with blatantly ripping off Texas Chainsaw Massacre? this movie, House of 1000 corpses, that one Wrong Turn or whatever about the kids in the forest. and probably a hundred others i've luckily never seen.

the first 10 minutes was driving and car music fun times. then there was shower boobs and a chick jacking off, then as soon as this freak in a shitty truck kills the dad and the dog. we turned it off. There always has to be at least one freak in a shitty truck...and boobs or tease-thereof.

it being in French was a new twist but it was still Le Massacre De Tronçonneuse Du Texas.

Why cant any movies be original anymore? everything is a remake, even if its not obvious, if you look hard enough you'll see. Today my girlfriend was watching the bonus features of her favorite movie "You've Got Mail", a generally original romantic comedy... so i thought. It's a total rip off of a Jimmy Stewart movie from back in the 40's or something. they just changed "pen pall" to "AOL email" which reminds me of all the gratuitus brand name placentent in that shit. AOL and Starbucks are practically main characters. Not to mention Barns & Noble, but they call it FOX Books. like we didnt know what you were talking about.

sorry bout the side rant. but i managed to get Texas Chainsaw Massacre and You've Got Mail in the same blog!

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