Jan 13, 2006

Satan Finally Caught!!!

Satan himself was found naked and screaming in the streets of Eustis, Florida. He threatened to kill the cop trying to arrest him. No Fucking Shit.
here he is.

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ok so maybe he's not really Satan. But it got me thinking about all those movies where nutso ass shit happens and the world is oblivius to it. like, how do we really know he wasnt really possessed by satan? maybe just out of view from the cops and the passers by was an exorsict or some deamon hunter dude like in that shitty Keanu Reeves movie. we dont know, they make sure we dont. maybe this dude, Roy Lee Henson was in his boxers, shaving, getting ready for his day, got halfway done and then, SNAP! he's possessed by satan. Shaved off his eyebrows, pulled his boxers off and started screaming in the streets on his quest to reclaim the Earth. I'm not a religious person, but shit anything is possible.

Happy Friday the 13th!

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