Jan 5, 2006

planting the seed.

my brother is the first of the shelton clan to pass on the name. He and his wife made me an uncle a while back. Part of that miracle is getting baby pictures in my inbox. I like to piss off my sister-in-law (isnt that what in-laws are for? ) by photoshopping the pics she sends me. Also, I call him "little Z" that pisses her off too because they always make sure to say "its Xander, with an X" (its pronounced Zander). fucking hippies.

here's little Xander fresh from the hospital.

here's "Little Z" all bundled up.

Here's the latest one of tripleX eating some baby food. i think it was carrots or something.

thats all i got for now. she thinks im evil and i'm getting the vibe that she considers me a bad influence.


Heather said...

You really have to get a better job or something. You have way too much time on your hands.

Heather said...

He must take after his mother... We've scheduled #2 to be born Jan 20th. Isn't it great to schedule the birth of your child?

Anonymous said...

Fucking awesome!

Me, bored at work with all the bosses gone and what do I do? Read back-issues of the noggins...

What a dork.