Jan 19, 2006

are you a myspace whore?
myspace whoreing can be dangerous

Ok, so what did i say about little girls whoreing it up in thier myspace pics? I said i thought it was lame, annoying...and potentially dangerous. Now little girls are not only flashing thier cleavage, but they are putting thier phone numbers on thier myspace page! THAT IS JUST STUPID!! thats like rule number one on-line. No phone numbers, addresses or even email addresses. you fucking stupid teenage asshole bitch. Get your head out of your ass, stop watching MTV and wake the fuck up! Being a little whore on myspace is rad, until you get kidnapped!!!

I've heard stories recently, those two CA girls that seperatly got kidnapped with ties to myspace accounts, another one from that wifeswap show, and a story from this concerned older brother i know. If you search around theres stories of kids getting kidnapped or found murdered relating to myspace all over the US.

On Wifeswap or whatever it was, the mom was suprised that the 12 yr old daughter was on the computer all day. so she checked to see the last site she was on and it was her myspace page. complete with slutty photos and way-to personal info. the fake-mom was shocked! 12! wtf man? dont they watch the news?

The other one was a story from this guy who came from a bad family, but made it out, succesfull carreer as a Fire Fighter/Paramedic. His younger sister, now 19 runs with the wrong crowd, does drugs and has had many close calls with the law. He hadnt heard from her in a few months because she "hated" him for trying to "tell her what to do". So with some friends he was browsing myspace and saw his sisters photo on a mutual friends "friends list". He couldnt beleive it. and then he said her photos were raunchy. showing her partying, drunk, half naked. As he's browsing her page he sees her phone number posted for the WWW to see. that is just STOOOPID!!!!!!! anyway he called her and is now trying to patch things up and show her, through ride-alongs in the ambulance. going on gun shooting, and Drug overdose calls. he said she's still arrogant and ignorant. hopefully she wont have to learn the hard way.

End up missing or in a ditch like those two other girls. If you want a page to meet new friends and share pics and stuff, thats fine. Just dont whore it up, you attract psychos.


Rita said...

Yep, agreed. Something related that I read recently:

Prospective employers are beginning to Google job candidates to look for personal information in MySpace, etc. So, it's great to post how drunk you got last week, and how much you love weed until you go to a job fair at your college, hand out your resume and let the entire hiring populace know you are a drunk pothead through your online posts.


Kirk said...

that too.

Anonymous said...

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