Jan 4, 2006

a letter to my good teeth

Damn shit-ass teeth hurt all night and Advil is starting to not work anymore. Even the teeth that I didn't get dental work on are hurting. I think its getting cool for the teeth in my mouth to hurt.

Dear good teeth,
you should just be yourself and not worry about what the bad teeth are doing. Being a bad ass is only cool if your in jail or high school. Not my mouth. I cant sleep and I think my stomach or liver or kidneys are starting to react to all the ibuprofin I've been popping. So just give me a few more weeks and I think all the bad teeth's coolness will wear off and you can be cool because you were the first ones to be not bad. I've been brushing twice a day lately so you should be cool for a while. Just chill on the hurting. Please.

artwork by kirk shelton

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