Jan 31, 2006

my artistic contribution

since i've been temporarily displaced, I havent been able to paint or draw much or do anything artistic for that matter. I got inspired recently (see post below) and started checking my art sites and other artblogs i frequent. Skullandbonesskateboards forum is doing a group collaborative skate deck design that i signed up for back in like Nov. About now is the time they are getting the artists to kick down with thier designs. I'd been avoiding it since I got assigned the lower right half of the tail end. so its an area shaped like a slice of a personal pizza. Sunday night I got around to drawing it up and tweaking it in photoshop.
this is what i got.
i liked the design so i took it a step further with color and some text.
It felt really good to draw and be artistic again. I cant wait till the remodeling is done so i can get on with my life.

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