Jan 10, 2006

compootie no workie

yesterday, after 3 and half hours of dental abuse I returned to the office hoping to make up for lost time. by time i mean money. But when i got here compudude was starting to update my OS to Windows XP. Apprehensive, I let him proceed and went home. This morning I show up ready to asses what damage XP would have on my flow. I enter my cube to see a half loaded XP screen. waiting. probably since yesterday. So after an hour of wandering around the office with my thumb up my ass, the computer dude shows up and says that my motherboard isnt compatible with XP or someshit. so basicly I waited around until he finally said to get a fucking snickers because this shit was gonna take a while. I clocked out, called up Jose and we rocked out with our cocks out at the rehearsal studio. Mid song and mid sweat i get a call from the office telling me my shit is operational again. That was a double edge sword because on one hand i was off, making sweet rock and roll. on the other, i also wasnt getting paid. so i went back to work. where i am, getting paid to blog for you all.

XP is cool when you set the theme to "Classic Windows" and it feels like im still using 2000. all that blue and green XP bubble shit is lame.

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