Sep 14, 2006

art class booty

here's some of the shit i've been doing in my art class. The first is the composition and value balance assignment. i didnt take a photo of it, but this was drawn from a black white and grey collage of cut out paper.

this is some of my comments i got on it. i got an A- . pffft! its understandable.. all the things she pointed out i totally agree with.

this is the egg thing i was talking about. we had to draw an egg.. the hardest part for me was moving. the shadows are so sensitive to your perspective it was frustrating to have to stay looking at it exactly the same way. plus whenever i'd sketch or erase the egg would wobble and move. I'm taking a photo of my subject next time. screw this live model shit. the first is smooth rendering.
this one is the invented texture.
there it is.. my arty class crap.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff!

Jessica A. Walsh said...

Your eggs came out awesome.