Sep 13, 2006


I've been hooked on, of all things, Law and Order CI and SVU are good too. i watch all of them. Its not like CSI. I was hooked on that too but NY and Miami suck balls. It seems like you can watch Law & Order pretty much 24 hours a day if you know what channels to go to. Its on like USA, TBS, and CBS and i think a couple others.. so I just flip around whenever i get home and its on. and on all night so i cant fucking sleep. I never watched it when it first came out and never really cared about it until about 2 weeks ago. now im addicted the shit. Most of the episodes deal with evidence and what can and cant be used in court. Or something the cops did to get the evidence or confession that makes in inadmissable in court. now that shit pisses me off. You have a Judge saying "yep, that video and DNA and his confession totally prove he did it. I believe he did it. but i cant allow it in the trial" WHAAAT!?? there should be some clause in the law that allows shit like that to be let in for specail circumstances. anyway, so now I'm fully bitter about our legal system and this morning i hear that that bitch that locked her kid in the basement so the crazy fucking dog wouldnt kill him. and the dog ends up killing him had a hung jury.... how do you hang on something like that? anyway, they decided to NOT have another trial beacause the figure it will just be another hung jury. WTF is that about? first of all what did the prosecution fuck up so bad that they couldnt convict this bitch?

anyway, I've been watching Law & Order so much that im noticing recycled actors playing different parts. last night this druggie kid was a son of rich parents who got viciously murdered. and 2 episodes later played a Army soldier accused of killing a TV journalist. also, which was the best Ice T played some thug pimp that gets killed and now he's one of the main cops in SVU i think.

ok that was my rant. i gotta go Law & Order is probably on.

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