Sep 28, 2006

Glass contains 50% of its capacity (part 2)

rita chimed in on the subject, but with a little bit of PMS.
rita: Your glass theory doesn't hold water
me: heh
rita: the whole point of the "glass half full/empty" is to determine one's outlook on life
me: but its flawed because you shouldnt be able to say it is or isnt.
rita: you dont always have more information, but you must always make determination regardless
me: my answer is "i dont know"
rita: No, your constant answer is half empty
me: i guess its kind of an analogy on faith.
rita: because you are pessimistic. just like we like you to be
me: no its not, i'd like it to be half full, but i just cant say.
rita: You don't get my meaning. Every day, through your words and actions, you proclaim loudly that the glass is half empty... it is a metaphor
me: im not denying that im pessemistic, im just saying that a glass of water isnt a way to determine that
rita: arrgh
me: im pessemistic about the whole analogy
rita: it is only an an idiom. that is what I mean to say
me: i dont believe in idioms
rita: it doesnt matter whether you believe in them or not, they exist
me: dont ask me a question for which there is no answer.
me: stop calling me an idiom
diaryadiva: LOL Good Lord
me: look, i "Get it" i just dont like it. and yes, im being difficult
rita: and that is why you are a glass half full guy... you dont like anything
rita: well, wait. except Wierd Al and Funyuns
me: look either way it sucks to NOT have a full glass of water.
rita: and because you think it sucks EITHER WAY. that is further evidence of your "glass half full"abilty
me: but that throws the whole "idium's" validity out of the, pardon, water.
rita: Look . . the point of the idiom is . . . even in something as inocuous as a glass of water, you would see the downside. it has NOTHING to do with your ability to verify how the water got ther. it has nothing to do with your lack of additional information. it is a commentary on your general outlook
me: my point is, there IS ONLY a downside to see. regardless.
rita: and THAT is why it is an idiom
me: there is still half the maximum capacity. there is no more or less positive connotation to the glass being half full or half empty. the whole idium, anaology whatever.. is bullshit
rita: again, you are concentrating on the theory of the presence of the water.
me: what Ms. Oracle?
rita: LOL.... you are dodging the unavoidable fact that you are a pessimist by shitting all over the idiom
me: im not denying the fact that i am a pessemist. im using my pessemism as a reason i dont buy the glass analogy.
rita: no, your pessimism doesn't discount the idiom
me: im saying, that i AM a pessemist, but dont use the glass idium as a way to define it. because the glass is bullshit.
rita: that is why peole USE idioms. its a lot faster way of saying that you are a pessimist. otherwise, they'd have to have these long pointless discussions
me: lol... why is a glass half full an optimism? its still only got 50% water in it... im just sayin'
rita: (sigh) Jesus
me: there is nothing good about a glass that has 50% water in it. even if you call it half full. its still HALF.
me: why are you arguing with me!?
rita: cause I dont have the strength to continue... perhaps this would be a good followup blog
me: im already on it sister
rita: and Im on the rag, remember

further more, i still stand by my opinion on the matter. I stand by science and logic.
What is better? a glass full of water or a glass that is half full of water? A full glass of course. Now, how can you differentiate that half full glass into a negative or positive thing? half full or half empty its the same thing. By definition (mine) if you pour 50% of the water out its half empty. if you pour 50% of the water into the glass its half full.
Niether is better or worse, its still the same amount of water.

I know its an idiom and youre supposed to feel better about a glass thats half full, but half of something is always a lesser value and referring to the nectar of life, water. its a bad thing to have less of.

just in case


jimbizzle said...

I think Rita won that battle dude. You should have waved your white flag a long time ago.

Kirk said...

oh hell no!

Anonymous said...

I need a nap after that!

jeadly said...

Wow, I had a strangely similar conversation on saturday about technical clothing. I get it, I just don't like it. I've got no problem with the clothes, I just don't think technical is an adequate modifier.

Now, on to the water problem...

My normal response is "hey, this glass is too big." Mostly I try to be difficult. But your "which is better?" question got me thinking. A full glass of water is not necessarily better than a half full glass. Lets say you were underwater drowning, would you rather have a full glass of water or a half full glass of water?

So of course using this terribly broad rubric to categorize people will fail because it lacks the kind of detail that people will unconsciously fill in. Have you just found this half glass in the desert? Did a waitress just bring it to you? Did you order a steak? Expectation varies by person and situation.

And no I don't think being difficult makes you a pessimist because if I were forced to, I'd call the glass half full (as I subconsciously did earlier in this comment) even though that test is bullshit and doesn't prove anything.