Sep 25, 2006

candy heaven

Megs dad called unexpectedly on saturday saying he's in town on business and wanted to hang out. He and his girlfriend met us up in Old Sacramento. if you dont know what that is its the OLD part of sac. they've tried to keep it all old timey. its on the sacramento river and theres a ton of novelty shops and stuff. its pretty cool actually. anyway, when you get there theres these hoodlum lookin kids handing out "free candy sample" fliers for this place called candy heaven. we took note and met her dad for drinks near by. He was all gung-ho about doing something really "old sacrament0ie" so he bought tickets to ride the river otter. its a litte water taxi that runs up and down the old sac area of the river. we took it to a seafood resturant that looked like a school portable classroom on pontoons. they had this sign up in the outdoor patio we ate at.
It says "NO SMOKING DURING BREAKFAST LUNCH OR DINNER" I'm definatly not coming back there for brunch, the smoke is irritating. since the whole place floated it had an old airport jetway that connected the front door to the land. we didnt use the jetway since we came by river. The Otter guide kept pointing out that during the floods of last year the water was like 20 feet higher than it is now. the jetway was underwater. the Otter picked us up after dinner and took us back to old sac. here's a pic of the sun setting on the river.
(thats the Virgin Sturgeon resturant on the right. 4 big hardcore looking gangstas rolled up in that boat. something you dont see everyday.)

there was a mentally challenged kid on the boatride back. by kid i mean probably 32 but acted 10. he kept sayin "hi" and "how are you?" he tapped my shoulder as we got off the boat and said "bye" he tapped megs niece too but she snubbed him. we saw him later in town and he tapped megs neice again. this time she turned and he gave a little wave and said "bye" damn, i wonder if he can help me cheat in Vegas?

Next we wander the wooden sidewalks of old sac. we see a handpainted wooden sign that reads "Candy Heaven" Celeste freaks, since she's had this "free candy" coupon burning a hole in her pocket all evening. we go in and its got big barrels of all kinds of hard candy, gummy and chewies. Another, but older hoodlum looking guy sees us come in and tells us we can sample any candy from certain barrels, as many as we want inside the store. then i saw it.

The wall of PEZ! the whole eastern wall of this place was PEZ PEZ PEZ. unfortunatly i had most of em.. everyone in our party helped me scour for ones i didnt have.. "you got this one?" yea "what about him" ooh no. rad thanks. I ended up spending like $20 on freakin PEZ dispensers. fucking score tho. I'll take pictures of my collection one day for you all. anyhoo, I also saw this. once i saw it i knew i had to get it.
It was an almost actual size gummy marshmello cheeseburger! it tasted kind of like ass but it was funny. speaking of funny, we found a halloween shop in old sac. It was a pretty rad one. I got the beginnings of my Halloween costume there. all i can say is Lederhosen.


jimbizzle said...

You guys always go on cool little day trips. We need to start doing that. It alwasy sounds like you and Meg have a shit load of fun.

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