Sep 22, 2006

fewtewshop and dumping

ok so I had my photoshop class again last night. I could have slept through it this time. I dont know if she's holding out on shit because its a beginner class but I'm constantly asking her questions about shit i know and then her saying "thats a really good point kirk" as if i reminded her of something important she forgot about and then tells the class. I swear i think i could teach this class. at least at the level she is anyway. (mcdonalds coffee got way better by the way. mmm) She showed everyones homework on the projector and when they got to mine everyone ooohh'd and aaahhh'd. It was pretty validating. I got grilled with questions on my technique but it was hard. It was like trying to describe grade A prime rib to 5yr olds that like nuggets and hot dogs.

The first part of the homework was the hourglass thing from before. the second part was something we had to come up with our own source images. I used these.

I made this out of them.
next week's homework is basicly the same thing but most of the class will be using some new things they learned last night. things like text and layer effects. gey. We touched on filters because some people used them in last weeks assignment. she said she wasnt going to even teach filters in the class. I can understand why because they can be really cheesy and obvious if you dont know what youre doing. She said we're gonna talk more about em in the advanced class. cant wait.

speaking of computers and pictures on the screen of computers... i saw this while i got gas this morning.
anyone need a free monitor that might not work? Its at the Valero station on Alhambra Ave off Hwy 4 in Martinez.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, nice work on that image, that's tight.

Anonymous said...

prima donna :) hehe

jimbizzle said...

Is that your nephew or just some random kid?

Anonymous said...

im in no way a photo shop geek like jim and we have ann read before that i cant tell when things are real or doctored up, but i have to day god damn that pic liiks good witht he coffee coming out of the drain whole very 3-d n shit!