Sep 13, 2006

Save the Guttster!

When John Travolta's career was coming to a sad, sad end and he was making movies like Look Who's Talking, a young film maker took a chance by casting him as his main character in a violent but comedic look into the world of criminals. The Movie Pulp Fiction, Travolta's next movie immediatly after Look Who's Talkings dismal sequel, Look Who's Talking Now propelled him to new heights. His career was essentially reborn and with only a couple notable hickups (Battlefield Earth, Scientology) he's still going strong as a leading actor in Hollywood. Similarly to Travolta another actor who had seen success fall to the wayside in the eve of the 20th century is Steve Guttenberg.

Now, Steve had a nice career with hits like Cocoon, Short Circuit, and the unforgettable Police Academy Movies. Even mushy tales like Three Men and Baby were a success. But then something happened.. getting snubbed from Short Circuit 2 and Three Men and a Little Lady not doing so well left him doing made for TV movies and bit parts here and there. Only if he could get the kind of opportunity Travolta had.

Where is Steve's Pulp Fiction? Where is his night in shining celluloid? ... where is his Quinten Tarentino? According to his IMDB page he has two movies in post production. Could these be his ticket to new found fame? One is called, Making Change. with the tagline "Sometimes it's easier to try to change the world....than yourself " sounds promising, not much in the co-star department but you never know. who the hell was Samuel Jackson before Pulp Fiction?..thats right, a crack head in some ghetto movie. so, you never know. The next movie is one im really excited about. its what seems to be a remake of the original Police Academy. the cast list shows all the same actors returning to their original roles.. somehow i dont know if the years have been nice to most of these actors. but, you never know.

here's to hoping Steve Guttenberg finds his path back into the heart of Hollywood. win one for the Gutster!

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