Sep 21, 2006

snack machine update

last night i went to the snack machine mentioned in my last post (below). This time i wanted Ruffles. mmm cheddar & sour cream. anyway, I put in my money.. punched in the code. clunk clunk... sweet, change! then the ruffles fell.. nice! then i looked up at the Funyuns and remeniced about our last encounter. as i looked i noticed that it looked like someone else had been taken by the funyuns in the snack machine slot machine. It was hanging there by the skin of its green bag. Whoever got ripped off obviously didnt want them bad enough. All it took was a couple of shakes and a slam to the glass and, plop, there it was. FREE FUNYUNS!! hell freakin yea.

take that snack machine!!

on a side note, I asked my friend Jer if he wanted some of my free Funyuns and he declined respectivly stating "no, thanks, I havnet smoked any weed today"

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