Sep 7, 2006

the fire is burnt out

i need gatorade or something. When I was offered this Art show I was all juiced and it lit a fire under my ass to paint paint paint art & paint. but now that its over, I feel like my art juices were sucked dry by a lesbian vampire. I havent really had any inspiration. Maybe I never really had real inspiration and i was painting for the sake of having shit to hang in the gallery. I'd never had an art show before so Im not sure if this is normal or not. I even bought more plaques and have a broken hunk of skateboard to paint on but I have no desire to bust out my paints.

maybe its school. Maybe I feel like i need to finish this semester and see what i learn before i venture into any new art.

maybe im just a pussy and need to shut up and paint. Give me the power Bob!

1 comment:

jimbizzle said...

Everyone needs insperation. Lord knows I do. I have hot and cold spells all the time. Your artsie fartsie side will pick back up.