Sep 12, 2006

what the hell am i here for?

So last night i had my art class and my AutoCad class again. Art was cool, we curtiqued our composition and value balance project. No one really had anything bad to say about mine, but the teacher used mine as an example of how turning an abstract piece can totally change how it looks. Mine looked better turned 90 degrees. so i turned it in that way. a lot of people in that class really suck at drawing. wow is all i gotta say.. (Jimbo, thats a wow moment "WOW these people suck") For the most part tho, the morons in my classes are starting to shut the fuck up and realise they are idiots. all but these two guys in my AutoCad class. They sit next to each other now. like a force of stupid hoping together they will be smarter. you'll hear more about that later...

Then we had to bring in Eggs. yes, eggs. hard boiled eggs to draw. we didnt have time to draw eggs so we just stared at them for 40 minutes. and looked at projected slides of shitty egg drawings...that gave me a headache. ugh. so on wednesday I'll be drawing an egg. paying close attention to the different values of grey and their relationship to shadow and highlight. i'll bring some excedrin.

then i had my AutoCad class. ugh. Seriously people need to learn how to use windows before they go and take a class for a pretty advanced program like AutoCad. I winced inside when the instructor asked if we had any questions from last week. As i was saying before, this one guy... man... this one guy was frustrated because he still couldnt figure out "the copy thing" and his partner in crime kept seconding his questions "yea I was wondering about that too" DUDE.. if you cant copy and paste something from one file to another get the fuck out!! youre wasting all of our time. The second guy in this dynamic duo of dumb (alliteration!) likes to ask questions that are so irrellavant and assinine that it confuses the teacher. She tries to answer it and confuses the rest of the class. its fucking annoying.
Eventually we got through the lecture and the lab portion of our lesson. I started talking to the instructor about Autocad and how I could figure out other 3-D programs but AutoCad was harder for me to understand. She asked "if you know inventor [an autocad compatible 3D program] why do you want to learn Autocad?" she had a point, you can totally make autocad files from a 3D inventor file. A process which has become more standard in the industry... she went on to say "The industry is starting to pretty much phase out 2-D programs like Autocad now anyway. I dont even know why we teach it here still" UGGHHH!! whaat? what the hell am i here for?

I think i'll finish this semester and take what i learned and apply it to the 3D end of what i do. After what she said it just seems pointless to keep going.

sorry, to bore you with my stupid life, but isnt that what blogs are for?

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