Sep 15, 2006

the most disturbing thing i've ever seen

a conversation...
me: when will filmmakers realise that sex and gore dont make you unique or shocking anymore? i guess i need more substance in my bitter old age. once you've seen men lining up to shit in a womans mouth you really cant go back.
rita: Goddamn
me: yea, a band we toured with made us watch a real German Schitza video on thier tourbus our last day on tour with them. i thought it was an urban myth. Two of the guys in thier band thought we'd like it as much as they did. I could see why maybe they'd get off on that...the chick was hot, and naked.. she just had a variety of mens shit falling on her face.
rita: that's very strange
me: yea, i've seen some crazy stuff tho on the internets. let me tell you about the most disturbing thing i've ever seen. It still haunts me to this day
rita: oh no
me: oh yes. when i worked at the web design place, we had a super fast T3 line, so my coworker Erik would send me stuff all day he downloaded from some video/napster type thing. I think he got off on the thrill of getting away with downloading teh pron on teh internets. usually it was just regular porn. or the occasional chick getting fucked by a pig, or a chick getting 2 gallons of horse jiz blown on her face. this one. the one that is burned into the things-I-want-to-forget-but-cant part of my brain, wasnt even porn. it was a crudly filmed asian girl under bad lighting. Like flourescent kitchen light or a dim dining room chandalere. She looked maybe 10-15. She was sitting low in a chair at a dinner table, in front of a fancy soup serving thing. she looked like she was drugged or something.. in a daze staring at the bowl. She would put her hand in her mouth and make herself puke into the bowl. her eyes were all watering from gagging. i could almost imagine the smell. she did this about 4 times into the bowl..
rita: (reading, bracing myself)
me: then she sat there all fucked up from drugs and puking staring at the bowl .. or into space. she reaches into the bowl and starts sifting through the ooze. . and eventually pulls out a chunk. you can see the bile and mucous stringing off her hand and the chunk... she looks at it like she's wondering what it is... then she puts it into her mouth.. then finds and eats another chunk.
rita: (running for the toilet)
me: im watching this with complete awe and disgust at my desk at work.
me: its not over
rita: Jesus . . . stop!
me: then she puts both hands around this bowl, which i forgot to mention sits almost as high as the middle of her face.. she is small.. she has to reach up and into this gilded silver serving bowl to get the chunks... so, now she puts both hands around it, lifts it up and starts to drink out of it.. thats when the video ends.
rita: Thank God
me: like i said.. it still haunts me
me: its probably on youtube
rita: I am not going to look for it
rita: God
me: I almost want to find it so i can blog this.
rita: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
me: ha ha
rita: (begging you not to)


jimbizzle said...

I saw that, or something like it, on OMG! *barf!!*

Anonymous said...

I HATE you for posting this.