Sep 15, 2006


you have to say it "fewtewshope" in a New Zealand accent. I toured with a band from there called Pacifier and they were talking about how the guy from Saliva was way fatter in person and whenever they'd see him on a magazine they'd say "its fewtewshope" "they haed to dew samthin' tew maake heem maach thinnah . They used fewtewshope"

anyway, speaking of fewtewshope. I had my class last night. We learned how to select and quick mask. And how to copy a selected object and put it into another picture. this is pretty basic shit. anyway, she gave us two pics to work with. one horribly grainy photo of an hourglass, and a horribly grainy low contrast image of the Hong Kong skyline.

we were supposed to take the hourglass out of its background and put it into the city. well, that was too basic, and everyone surely would be doing the same shit so i changed it up.
if you click it, it gets a little bigger. If you look closely, i put the city in the hourglass and on the card thingy. The guy next to me was watching me and having his mind blown. Again, as with my other classes there's the few retards that take up all of classtime asking "wait, how did you just zoom?" ZOOM? youre not allowed to ask how to zoom! Jesus H. Monte Crisco, Batman, we have some dullards on our hands. I'm not the greatest at photoshop but i've been using it for so long i know little things here and there that help me do cool shit. and one of those things is HOW TO ZOOM. I'm hoping by the end of this class, and then onto the advanced class I will learn more stuff to help me out.

the next part of the project is to just use any images and make a collage. yeee. this will be fun.


jimbizzle said...

Now your just showing off.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

Wow, Kirk. I bet you're the only one who did anything like that. Last night I spent literally hours just trying to cut a pic. of me and Mike out of the background of his mom's living room. I tried the help index and everything they wanted me to do was too hard and I didn't understand it. All I wanted was to select me and Mike and cut us out and put us on a white background. I couldn't do it. I would LOVE to learn Photoshop. All I do is crop, resize and fuck with the lighting and sometimes add some effects.

Rita said...

I need someone to Fewtewshope me.