Sep 27, 2006

Hollywood Chainsaw Massacre

as you know I'm sick of remakes. and I am sick of horror movies that rip off Texas Chainsaw Massacre. remember this old blog?
"if i see another "students go into rural area and get cut up by some psycho, family, mutant, imbreds etc" i will fucking shoot someone. How many movies can get away with blatantly ripping off Texas Chainsaw Massacre? this movie, House of 1000 corpses, that one Wrong Turn or whatever about the kids in the forest. and probably a hundred others i've luckily never seen."
While I'm excited that the latest horror movie they are starting to market down my throat isnt a Texas Chainsaw Massacre rip of perse, but Jeebus Haettenschweiler Christensen George Effing Lucas, Batman! A fucking prequil to the remake of a movie from the 70's that had like 4 sequels already. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 'The Beginning' ??? hey, uhm, yea. it "began" in 1974 assholes. get a new idea! Not to mention ...When will filmmakers realise that sex and the cutting up of young people with power tools doesnt make you unique or shocking anymore?

We have Netflix and I've been having a hard time finding anything to rent. The new release section has been a bust for like 6 months now. We end up getting Carry Grant and Audry Hepburn movies. And wait for Rocky 6 to come out.

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