Sep 1, 2006

Subject: fruity

whats up. I got this in a spam email just now. the subject of the email was "fruity"

Youve been on a Poon-TangPicnic in Niggertown. McGuire shielded his bloated face coyly with his hand.
Gant had been drinking heavily,day after fearful day. Selborne first came to Dixieland her oldest child wasseven years old, her youngest five.
Selborne lived in the same town asJoe Gambell, the young clerk to whom Daisy was engaged. If you want any paper to-day keep out of the pressroom. Stop chasing those beans around the plate. His thick skilfulbutchers hands, hairy on the backs, gripped the fork numbly.
In the early autumn after her marriage, Gant made the journey toAugusta, taking Eugene with him. Oh, for Gods sake, said Ben laughing contemptuously, and jerkinghis head toward Tugman.
A mess of hog chitlings and sorghum, you mean, you bastard. It wont hurt you to do a little light work after school, saidshe. Steve was now a young man in the first twenties.
Before his first month wasout, he had paid desperately for his ignorance of their customs.
He takes it out in Poon-Tang, said Foxy, grinning, A weekssubscription free for a dose.
As soon as he had recovered sufficientlyto travel, he departed, under Helens care, for Hot Springs. His thick skilfulbutchers hands, hairy on the backs, gripped the fork numbly. It wasa small beanery, twelve feet wide, wedged in between an opticiansand a Greek shoe parlor.
Red plums willripen, will be shaken desperately upon the tiny stems. A strong odorof corn whisky soaked the air about him.
Hes smart enough to makethe others work for him. Ive been dancing all night at the Hilliards, said Spaughelegantly.
Into the April night-and-morning streets goes Ben.
The orchard stirsleafily in the short fresh wind. He had ablond meaty face, pale-colored and covered thickly with young blondhair.
A mess of hog chitlings and sorghum, you mean, you bastard. Do you expect me to check up on the littlethug?
I love random ass shit like this. anyway. thanks retarded person for sending me that.

speaking of retarded people. remember the problem i was having in my AutoCad class with the idiots that waste half of classtime asking stupid questions that dont even pertain to the subject.... like "wait, how do you copy again?" well, theres some of them in my Photoshop class to. its uber frustrating because i pretty much know photoshop already and im hoping to catch some cool shit i didnt know about. but these fucktards keep asking the same dumb assed you'd-know-if-you-used-a-damn-computer-before questions. and they dont even pay attention. while having a computer in front of you its tempting to wanna play around but the teacher tells us all pretty adamantly to not touch your computer and watch the projector screen where she's explaining to you the thing youre gonna ask how to do in 5 seconds. anywhere I go, people piss me off. oh well, I still managed to get my 2nd assignment done. here it is...
dont ask. it was a lesson in layers. some of those jerks were confused on color fill and select last week, now were jumping to layers. i hope this weeds out the morans.

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Jessica A. Walsh said...

You think that "moran" guy knows just how much fun poking has been done at his expense? It doesn't seem worth it if he doesn't know. I love how you linked to google images. It just shows how many people are poking fun and that kitten with the lime or honeydew helmet was effin awesome!