Sep 28, 2006

The glass contains half the amount of its capacity.

Me: ...I'm always pissed at something
jimbo: yea, I know this. You hate the world
me: only select parts of it. You could say my world is peppered with hate
jimbo: heavily peppered?
me: regularly peppered but with fresh, ground pepper from a grinder. Big chunks
jimbo: lol big chucks of hatred.
me: I'm not that bad, am I?
jimbo: lol, not always. But I think you might view life through tainted lenses.
me: yea I'm a pessimist
jimbo: but that's ok it makes you funny
me: I'm such a pessimist I hate the glass half empty analogy.. The glass being half full or empty is relative to how it got to that state.. If you fill a glass halfway, its half full. If you pour water out, its half empty.
jimbo: this is true
me: so when someone asks me if the is glass half empty, I say it depends. I cant make an assumption without further information. So people that just say it is half empty or half full aren't pessimists or optimists, they're just guessers.
jimbo: good point. I never looked at it that way
me: no one does.

Furthermore, if you really wanted to analize it, you could say that the glass being half empty is the result of you just taking a drink and replenishing yourself. since you've just quenched your thirst, you are in a positive state and therefor being optimistic about the glass. I think the whole "glass half empty" analogy is just too full of holes to be accepted so widely.


jimbizzle said...

Some things in life shouldn't be so dissected. Much like this analogy. Just take it for face value my friend.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

But what if someone else fills your glass halfway?

I guess then that would depend on how thirsty you are.