Dec 21, 2006

back in business!

just before quittin' time yesterday we got my computer working again! no files lost, no new computer. all it needed was an XP upgrade. or something. all i know is im back in business.

also it looks like i've upgraded to the new version of blogger. so far so good.

Also, i finished that miniseries The Lost Room. it was a good idea but the end kinda sucked. They didnt explain anything really. they just closed the plot arc with the main guy and his daughter. They leave you hanging in a Lost kinda way. If they make a show out of this i'd totally watch it tho.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the best X-mas, holiday winter time card// Envelope I ever got.

jimbizzle said...

YAY new blogger! now I don't have to log into the other one to comment!