Dec 14, 2006

uhhhm, what he said.

I don't have any definitive topic today so here's a bit of randomness because i feel obligated. sorry.

on my new DELL at home Microsoft gave me the Internet Explorer update.. so now i have version 7. not that i give a shit because i hate IE, but i noticed in the Google toolbar that was preinstalled without asking me, it had a bookmarks pulldown. I thought that was neat. bookmarks that follow me wherever I take my Google login. So i got that up and running here on my work PC via Firefox. I even put a bookmarks Add On in my Google personalized home page!

Check it out!

In other news..the balance of power may shift in the senate due to an aneurysm, a republican gov. and a stupid unfair state law. if this guy dies or becomes unfit to senatorize, and the Rep. Governor of his state appoints a Rep.
it goes to 50/50 and Darth Cheney gets the tie breaker vote. I cant wait.
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If you haven't yet, check out the Marie Calendars Frozen Pot Pies... holy shit. how in the name of gods green earth can something so good come out of a microwave?
I had to cook the sonuvabitch for 10 minutes but it was worth the wait. I dont know how they do it...Crunchy, crispy flakey crust... out of a microwave. I've noticed lately mostly with the pizza's that theres this mystery paper on the box that makes it crispy. I think this is technology they got from the Roswell UFO crash. see the mystery material there in the photo?

And in case you missed it last year and in case you dont read .. here's this ripe for the holidays. (Enhanced with Zombie cartoonage.)
The worst / best rendition of the Christmas classic, "Oh Holy Night" ... oh holy shit its awesome. this guy is dead serious and, like the Bush administration, just when you think it cant get any worse.. it totally does.. a lot. no one really knows where it came from tho.. anyway enjoy

Tonight is officially my last class for this semester. I dont think im going to take any classes next semester so now my Wednesday nights are free to watch Lost. When it comes back on in February that is.

Here's the bulk of new work i did for my final project. the rest is shit you've already seen.
from that painting i did a while back... totally in vector with the pen tool.

PS: my auto spell check thing caught "sonovabitch" as being miss spelled... and the correct spelling is sonuvabitch. thanks Firefox

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Anonymous said...

2 things:

1. damn, you are pretty good with the pen tool. I can do shapes and shit, but the shadows and reflections and shit, I blow at. Well done man.

2. when are you going to update your website with new paintings you've done? do it.