Dec 29, 2006

its friday

you know what that means. pikchrrrz!! It's been a weird week. since we got celeste a skateboard I got all nostalgic and my old fat ass got a new board. I dropped in on the mini ramp at the local skateshop the other night. I probably looked retarded but I didnt totally suck. I ate shit 2/3 tries.

I, being a dumb ass didnt take pics of my new skateboard, but i have these pics.

in the above pic i was so pissed at my phone camera. exactly behind the doorjam of my car was a Ford Ranger on its side all busted up and a chick with blood all over her face. like a one time drive by photo op ruined by the 3 second delay on my camera. how more prefectly fucked up timing could i have? you can see the guy helping her and the shadow of the car.

here's some crap that isnt photos but its stuff. i drew this on my 'space.

this is a pic from a blog i saw that i thought was funny. its my desktop background at the moment.

this is the disclaimer for parents on a skateboard mailorder catalog i thought was pretty funny.

this is just beyond explanation. Me and J-slim saw this on the way home from the Mall yesterday. this is like a barren dirt island thing on the side of this intersection. there's usually a guy selling fire wood or really crappy used cars here. but yesterday we saw this .
a fucking triceratops mounted on a catamaran. apparently it was for sale. note the tail in the bed of the truck. the whole time at the light where we saw this i was saying "stay red stay red" and the people in front of us just noticed it and were trying to take a pic but the light turned green. they didnt go so we honked at them. i hope theirs turned out blurry . i was smart tho and decided to use my camera instead of my phone. i had that kind of time to kill.
anyone need a triceratops?

oh and last but not least. i found this relic on youtube.
its proof i was once a rockstar with a real video and everything!

oh yea and SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!


Anonymous said...

HOLYYYYYY SHIT I never saw your video ever i cant believe it! I have a sudden urge to lift my shit and flash my tits! You look so mean! An lord god if you grant me one wish please let me have the triceratops! I just know jimbo would love it to. I can find the room for it in my yard!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Comment #2 I just dont get how the fuck you guys didnt make it. Not to jock you hard core but I love love LOVE Fingertight! I use to get made fun of for all the demo discos i had. Dustin was like damn.... got enough demos.... makes me sad that good music like that gets bummped for bullshit like dashboard confessonals or really 50% of whats on live 105. Atleast I have the few albums I got so ill alwasy be able to listen to them.

jimbizzle said...

That's totally my drawing of lemmings jumping off a cliff! Kick ass! I suck!

I NEED that Triceratops. You must find it again for me.

I never knew you guys made a video. You should have paid off MTV to show it. Maybe selling your soul would have worked.