Dec 12, 2006

holy shit its been a whole year!!!

well fuckers, its been a year. I cant believe you guys still read my shit. One year ago today they were remodeling our studio and we were in the spare room at megs moms house. I was getting tired of Myspace being lame and crashing all the time so i found me some alternatives to blog on. I honestly cant remember where i found out about blogger but once the Noggins was up and running, I didnt stop.

Now here's the boring, but impressive math of it all. Since Dec 12th 2005 i've posted nearly 400 blogs! thats like a post a day for a year. not to mention that i have a couple of colons full of posts on myspace dating back to March 26, 2004. God I suck at life.

here's some highlights from the year.

Sweet Lovin’ from Dec. 20th 2005

Mines SUPPOSTA have onions! From Jan 24 2005

10 things that pissed me off in 2005 Jan 11 2005

American Idol Tribute Feb 24

Just Fucking Order Already March 28
Remember that annoying guy at Foster Freeze?

Verbal Monday Random May 28
I think this is the most random and drawn out blog about absolutely nothing.. and there’s not even any pictures!

ghetto Jack In The Box Adventures Part III May 9

Take that snack machine! Sept 19

What the hell am I here for? Sept 9
About the idiots in my classes.

Adventures In McBreakfast Oct 9
the rudeness

My Dad Is Savage Oct 6
our adventure in 1st gear

Those are some of my favs. Along with all the LOST posts and random photos and art and crap..feel free to post a comment of a particular favorite you might remember. its been a fun year. thanks for sticking around and reading the Noggins!

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Anonymous said...

I loved the Bee Barrel. There was some dude on the news this morning in Portland that had 60lbs on honey (that's after they extracted it from the honeycombs.) in his kitchen wall. There were hella bees in his house!