Dec 29, 2006

the mall part 2

i know i said "see ya next year" but i just remembered something that happened at the mall. as a refresher this is what i wrote about the mall about a year ago...
i went to the mall last night. I havent been to the mall in a long time and it reminded me that i hate the mall. the cool kids shop there, and the uncool kids work there. also, i felt like i was going to have to get in a fight with some of those punk ass wanna be gang banger loud stereo motherfuckers.

and this the next day after that..
Huzzah, I went to the god damn mall again. Am I a fucking sadist? no, I wanted new hats . I took J-Slim with me because he seems to always find cool hats. We walked up and down that whore of a place and i finally found 2 pretty sweet ball caps. we both had the feeling we were going to get in a fight the whole time. got hastled by the cellphone kiosk mafia about 40 times too. "no, dude, for the 10th time, I dont need a new wireless plan. especially not from the mall, and more so, not from a kiosk fag.

so anyway, me and j-slim went to the mall yesterday to get new skateboards.. some thug kids were in a POS honda parked next to us.. they asked me if I knew "where da party wuzat dis weekend" then asked "where the crack, man...i know you all smoke and shit"

i hate people.

then as we were making it obvious that we thout they were morons the guy said "yo man, i got a VTech and shit ya'll wanna race" mind you we were in a 4 dr crappy mazda... hey here's some advice; stop doing crack!!

i hate saying shit like this beacause it makes me feel old but damn. kids these days.

another annoying thing which especially bugs j-slim is the skateboarding stores being full of jocks, preps and rappers. I used high school references because these kids were all in HS still. if they weren't they hadn't grown out of their highschool classification stereotypes yet. these are all the types that made fun of us when we were skaters.. especially slim who skated in the mid 90's when it wasn't cool to be a skater. everyone are fucking poseurs now. its like cool to be a fucking trendy asshole now. they're all fucking clones. maybe it was that way when i was a kid but somehow.. somehow it just seems worse now. the only real kids now days are the D&D nerds and uber geeks that get dressed by their overprotective moms. they're keeping shit real.

notice i didn't say Word of Warcraft? yea that shit is going mainstream now.


jimbizzle said...

hell... even I play WoW.

Kirk said...

see what i mean?

Anonymous said...

were not getting older the youth is getting lamer and dumber. i may not beable to spell or type well but atleat i dont dress like an ass hole!

Anonymous said...

or act like one ( for the most part) here here kirk preach on reverend brotha!