Dec 17, 2006

back on the paint wagon

it must have been those stupid classes. The weekend after i finish school I painted! here's two pieces I did this weekend.

I finished this finally. my photoshop teacher said my stuff was "outsider art". Wikipedia says
the English term "Outsider Art" is often applied more broadly, to include certain self-taught or Naïve art makers who were never institutionalized
yea thats me. im an "outsider"
acrylic on wood plaque 12" x 17"

I also did this on a plaque i started a month ago. acrylic on plaque 5 x 7"

I dont know what it is with old people and buffets but every time I've been to them theres a high percentage of old people.

Outsider Art..... "painting and graphic arts by mentally handicapped artists, is providing this art with an international forum."
yea, so FUCK SCHOOL!

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Jessica A. Walsh said...

Kind of like that episode of South Park when in order to kill all the elderly zombies, they shut down all the buffet places and they all starved to death.