Dec 8, 2006

Here it is kids, Foto Friday!! at last!!

The long 2 week wait is over! you can change your pissed in Calvin Kleins now because its back! Photo Friday is here! ENJOY!

here's some extra added collage bonus fun!

Double Extra bonus fun.. because im bored.

"yumma yumma yumma YUUMMMA. yumma yumma yumma YUUMMMA"

name the movie and i'll draw you a picture and email it to you.


Anonymous said...

DAMN those are some good photos!! Are you in a movie about tennis or is that how you alwasy look?? I have to know did you drop the jar o' sause on the floor? Im glad to see it wasent any horlicks that was brocken the wourld cant spare another jar to a fatal fall. we need to preserve the horlicks!

Anonymous said...

I like that drew.jpg one...

Anonymous said...

is the movie die harder with avengance? or demolition cop? Wait I know spinal tap??? no that cant be it.I see henry rollins... hmmmmmmmmm Im stumped. Send me a pic for good measure any way. In color please! and rather than a drawing make it a painting! ooooh even better! now im getting excited!

Anonymous said...

ook im not clear , is this 2 movied that you clipped into one picture. so here are some more guesses

Bad boys 2
Mace Griffen Bounty Hunter
The New Guy
Scenes of the Crime
Batman Beyond
Lost High Way
or John Mnemonic

Thats all I got.