Dec 4, 2006

I'm back part 2

we had a G.I. disease outbreak after the first port of call and everything was on lockdown after that. purell dispenser every 10 feet. couldnt serve anything for yourself at the buffets... had to wait in line for condiments. fucking oldsters and their lack of immune system

they took away ping pong paddles, sports equipment, the giant chess set witch was rad. closed the hot tubs and the whirlpool. locked the books and magazines up in the library. no salt n pepper shakers.. had to get a waiter to bring you packets handed to you with tongs
also one of the azipods was broken .. caused the boat go slower than usual so we had less time in Cabo that we were supposed to.

anyhoo, here's more pics. these are from my phone.

this was the cool waterslide Carnival ship. it was from Panama!

my luck was so bad in the casino that the slot machine took my dollar bill and the machine wouldnt work. thought this machine was aptly named.

the crew of the Catamaran in Puerto Villarta put on a show for us. they lip sinked Bohemian Rhapsody. it was pretty fucking hilarious.

the giant, rad chess set they took away when old people got sick and they put the ship on lockdown.

so many utensils! what are they all for?!

i couldnt get a better pic but there were these 2 brits in speedo's delivering large packages for everyone to see.

mexican diet coke.

these birds were dive bombing all around us.

baby donkey
this is our ship the Ms. Oosterdam. its one of the Dam ships in the Dam fleet. that joke didnt get old.

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jimbizzle said...

G.I. disease, huh? So everyone had the Hershey Squirts?