Dec 9, 2006

Holy History Reapeating Itself Batman!

I was taking a shit and needed something new to read so I busted out my old Life In Hell book. If you don't know, Life In Hell was the comic strip Mat Groening did int he LA times before he got famous from The Simpsons... anyway.... I opened right to this page and had a "wow" moment when I started reading it.

click image for full size

Just switch Reagan with George W and South America with Iraq. Holy shit this is like history repeating itself.. like god put the 80's in a Xerox and srink wrapped it onto the 00's.

fuck, someone should have seen this coming. oh wait they did but bush fixed the elections.

the good news is, The new Democratic controlled congress decided they'd actually work and be fair this term. First order of business? ... no January long vacation. No 3 day work week. yep thats right, 5 days a week, like the average American. and just when the R's submit thier annual pay raise to congress, the Dems say. "eff that geezers, when you raise the minimum wage we'll talk" bam, suck on that. Hopefully we wont get another cronie in the white house and we can get rich off something menial and easy like .com shit.

The Hell comics are fucking rad tho. You should check them out if you haven't.


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You're so politically savvy.

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